EQAO Digitalization and Modernization

Digitalization and Modernization

EQAO recognizes that digitalizing its assessment program has many benefits for students, parents and guardians, educators and the broader community. Digitalized assessments can be adaptive and allow for a more student-focused experience, helping to reduce test anxiety and giving students opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in different ways. Digitalized assessments also provide schools with more flexibility for the scheduling and administration of the assessments, and they deliver faster and more precise results to educators, students, and parents and guardians. Additionally, digitalized assessments ensure that Ontarians continue to receive reliable information about the quality of the province’s publicly funded education system.

EQAO seeks to continue to collaborate with Ontarians, students, parents and guardians and educators to modernize its assessments to

  • reflect today’s classrooms more closely,
  • measure skills in addition to those that the agency currently measures,
  • facilitate the customization of the online assessments to accommodate students’ unique learning needs, and
  • provide actionable reports in a timely manner for stakeholders to use.

Modernization in Measurement Advisory Panel

As EQAO works toward the modernization of its large-scale assessments, it recognizes the need for thinking that engages expertise both internal and external to the agency. For this reason, EQAO has initiated the Modernization in Measurement Advisory Panel (MMAP).

EQAO Welcomes Feedback

The agency recognizes the importance of student, parent and educator input, and remains committed to promoting an effective dialogue with Ontarians.

If you wish to share feedback, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

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