#DataInAction: Research at EQAO

As part of EQAO’s commitment to providing objective, reliable and useful data about student achievement, the agency has an active research program that undertakes a number of original projects. Here are some of our research reports:

What Engages Students, in Their Own Words

We can learn a lot about students and their perspectives by listening to their needs, wants and successes.

How Are Ontario Students Doing?

An overview of provincial achievement of fundamental math skills.

Math Superpowers

Is mathematics achievement all about the math?

On this page

    Research Framework

    At EQAO, we believe discussions about education quality need to be evidence-informed and grounded in research. EQAO recognizes the need for a continued focus on research to examine effective high-quality educational experiences that support student achievement at the individual, classroom, school and system levels – that is why EQAO has established the #DataInAction Research Framework [PDF].

    The main objective of our #DataInAction research framework is to ensure our data are used for their primary purpose—improved student learning. This is why we are currently accepting research proposals that leverage our data or seek to collaborate with the agency with the goal of furthering student achievement.

    Research Partners

    EQAO is pleased to partner with the following organizations:

    To learn more about EQAO research, contact the EQAO Information Centre:
    Tel: 1-888-327-7377
    Email: info@eqao.com

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