School Outreach

EQAO’s School Support and Outreach team works collaboratively with schools and school boards to develop professional learning programs that incorporate EQAO’s latest research and data. These programs are designed to assist educators and administrators in leveraging EQAO data and navigating the agency’s modernized assessments to support student success. The innovative, successful practices of schools and boards are also collected and shared with the education community to further support student success.

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    Live Webcast Series

    EQAO’s Online Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics— Teacher/Principal Session

    EQAO staff will provide details and guidance related to navigating the new online assessment system and administering the Grade 9 field test. The session will include information about how to understand the assessment results that will be available to educators and students. 


    EQAO’s Online Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics— Board IT Staff

    EQAO staff will provide details related to technical readiness and navigation of the online assessment system for the Grade 9 field test. 


    EQAO is committed to building capacity for the use of data through articles, workshops, school stories and programs like the Dr. Bette M. Stephenson Recognition of Achievement. EQAO has an active research program that investigates factors that influence student achievement, school effectiveness and best assessment practices.

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