Bring Your Expertise to EQAO

EQAO is committed to building a strong staff team with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to deliver a superior-quality assessment program that provides reliable information that is useful for improving student achievement.

EQAO engages Ontario educators in every step of the assessment cycle, from development to administration to scoring. On this page, you will find postings for jobs at EQAO as well as opportunities for educators to participate in our scoring activities and assessment committees.

If you are an Ontario educator with expertise in primary or junior language or mathematics, Grade 9 mathematics, Grade 10 literacy or cross-curricular equity principles, we invite you to apply to work with EQAO.

On this page

    EQAO is committed to ensuring equal access to and participation in EQAO activities for people with disabilities. EQAO is committed to treating people with disabilities in a way to support them in maintaining their dignity and independence.

    EQAO believes in inclusivity, and is committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner,  by removing and preventing barriers to accessibility and by meeting our requirements under Ontario’s accessibility laws.

    Scoring Activities and Assessment Committees

    Jobs at EQAO

    All job advertisements are posted in English and French. To confirm the language requirements of a job, check the “language of position” information at the top of each job ad.
    There are currently no job openings at EQAO.
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