EQAO Student Engagement Committee

Launched in 2018, the Student Engagement Committee is a group that helps foster a conversation between Ontario’s students and EQAO.

As EQAO seeks to improve our programs continuously, we want to ensure that students’ voices are being heard. The Student Engagement Committee is a unique forum for students to share ideas and experiences.

As representatives of the student voice, committee members join other students from across the province virtually to share insights and ideas about how EQAO can improve assessments and programs, and increase student engagement.

Student Engagement Committee Members, 2022–2023

Central Region

“I am thrilled to be a part of the incredible EQAO Student Engagement Committee. I am very eager to meet all the wonderful people from across the province and to contribute to making the EQAO test a better experience for all students. I can’t wait to make everyone’s experience as pleasant as possible!”

—Abdulkader, Grade 12

“As a returning member for three years on the EQAO Student Engagement Committee, I am excited to continue working with passionate student advocates and engaging in student affairs hosted by EQAO. The past three years on the Committee have been a very exciting time, as we all had to learn to adapt amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, I look forward to continuing to be a voice of student stress by being an advocate for mental health in youth.”

—Ahastan, Grade 12

“My name is Athisha Surees, and I am in Grade 9 attending St. Augustine Catholic High School. I am looking forward to meeting new people and helping students achieve a positive experience writing their tests, de-stigmatizing EQAO, normalizing having a positive mindset, and voicing my perspective on education in Ontario.”

—Athisha, Grade 9

“Something that excites me about being a part of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee is that I can meet many students who are around Ontario and hear their opinions. It will also be nice to compare ideas to make EQAO better. I am really looking forward to contributing my ideas and seeing what changes I can make.”

—Jaydon, Grade 8
“I am grateful to have been chosen to help improve the educational system. I believe I have ideas that can benefit us all; I anticipate sharing them. I aim to contribute positively and hope to work with everyone else, improving the education system as a team.”
—Jessica, Grade 8

“I am looking forward to returning to the Student Engagement Committee to continue to advocate for student voice. Student experience and opinion is invaluable in trying to improve our education system; it allows us to make a difference in the quality of education for students across Ontario. It is an honour to be able to represent students on this committee and to bring our perspective to the table.”

—Lauren, Grade 10
“I am thrilled to be a part of the Student Engagement Committee this year because it gives me the chance to voice my opinions and improve our educational system. I am hoping that by speaking up, every student in Ontario will be able to achieve excellence. I am also excited to get to know and work with the other incredible committee members!”
—Qasim, Grade 12

“I am looking forward to this leadership opportunity where I get to be the voice of our elementary EQAO participants. I would also like to collaborate with members of the committee and learn from one another. I hope to make a positive contribution to the student community by being a part of this program.”

—Sahana, Grade 8

“I am more than excited to become a returning member of the Student Engagement Committee. Over the past year, I contributed toward building a connection between Ontario’s students and EQAO. I also learned several communication, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and teamwork skills. I look forward to continuing to contribute toward the improvement of EQAO assessments and programs.”

—Subeg, Grade 11

“I am beyond excited to be back on the committee and be working with like-minded and passionate individuals and continuing our work in helping students collectively be as successful as possible in achieving their academic goals and beyond. I aspire to have meaningful conversations on how the EQAO testing process can improve and exploring ways to keep the tests engaging for students from Grade 3 to even Grade 10. At the end of the day, I want to ensure every student, regardless of background, can be equally successful in accessing resources and attaining their goals.”

—Swayam , Grade 11

East Region

“I have been a part of the committee for a while now, and my favourite thing over all is the people I share the community with. It is amazing to hear everyone’s opinions and understand the diversity of how each student may feel we can help each other. Different perspectives and views allow us to come together and make things more welcoming for other students, and I think that is so important. We need to see things from every angle.”
—Diana, Grade 11

“I am very excited to join because I have two younger sisters, and I would like to make sure they have a great experience. In the end I just want to make sure that students have a non-stressful time during the EQAO.”

—Liana, Grade 7

“I am really excited to be part of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee because I think that it will be an excellent opportunity for me to share my knowledge and experiences with other students. I understand that there is a leadership component, and I am looking forward to continuing to develop my leadership skills through this program.”

—Spirit, Grade 7
Photo of Simon
“I am very happy to be part of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee and to be involved in a positive way by suggesting interesting ideas to help the committee in its work.”
—Simon, Grade 11

North, Northeastern Region

“I am excited to be a part of this committee to continue contributing to change in our school system. I am excited to continue to voice my opinion on issues of equity and other topics of great importance in our school system.”
—Myra, Grade 11

North, Northwestern Region

“I am looking forward to being a part of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee because I want to give a voice to the students of Northwestern Ontario. I am passionate about education, and I want to be involved in improving the education in our rural communities. I’m interested in meeting like-minded students and hearing their perspectives and ideas. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn new skills and have new experiences.”
—Alexis, Grade 9

Toronto Region

“I look forward to the opportunity to share my opinions and use my voice to help make EQAO tests the best they can be.”
—Arwen, Grade 7
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“I am interested in having a positive impact on the Ontario education system. I’m looking forward to being the voice of students and being on a platform where students can share their ideas and experiences.”
—Dara, Grade 10
“I am extremely excited to be a part of the committee as I am prepared to be an active voice for other students to help improve EQAO assessments across Ontario. I look forward to sharing my own experiences with EQAO while simultaneously collaborating with other students on the committee. I intend to help further ideas about EQAO programs and activities to, in turn, contribute to increased student engagement.”
—Karina, Grade 12

“I am thrilled to use my voice as an Ontario student representing the GTA and use my past experiences to utilize and improve the assessments for future test-takers. I am excited to work with other students, hearing their voices and perspectives from all over the province.”

—Mahwash, Grade 7

“I am eager to be joining the committee once more to share my voice and unique experiences in the hopes of improving other students’ comfort and confidence with the EQAO assessments, inspiring change and having a beneficial impact on the educational system. In addition, I am looking forward to meeting new people and being in a welcoming, positive and enriching environment.”

—Miley, Grade 9

West Region

“I am excited to be a part of the ESEC because I believe that its values and goal align with mine. On top of this, I am excited to be able to represent student voices for my area!”
—Alaa, Grade 9
“As a returning member of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee, I wish to continue sharing my voice, ideas and experiences. I look forward to hearing from others and continuing to make positive changes in our education system.”
—Hafsa, Grade 11
“I am very grateful to have the opportunity to continue on the committee and help contribute toward a positive change for the students, teachers and parents. I am looking forward to collaborating and working with the amazing people on the committee, and together we can all make the voice of the students heard.”
—Juan David, Grade 9
“I look forward to continuing my role on this committee, because I am not only contributing to the future of Ontario’s education system, but also representing my peers. I am also excited to be a veteran of this committee and share my experiences with new members. The committee has done an immaculate job modernizing the tests, and I wholeheartedly believe that we can accomplish anything as a group if we so choose.”
—Liam, Grade 10
“I am excited to be a part of the EQAO committee as it gives me the chance to connect with other youths across Ontario. Having the ability to represent my school, see the representation from other schools and contribute to the end goal of success is something I am grateful for. I look forward to seeing different perspectives and how it impacts youths and their communities. I will strive to ensure that EQAO’s student committee achieves success.”
—Lladaneyah, Grade 11
“I am excited to be a part of the committee because it includes students from all over Ontario. Also, I will be able to share my ideas and my perspective on learning.”
—Logan, Grade 8
“I am very excited to take part in this committee for a variety of reasons. I enjoy working collaboratively with other people, and I love sharing my experiences and point of view with others as well. I am very interested in the EQAO assessment, and I would like to learn more about the program. Thank you for this opportunity.”
—Sienna, Grade 7
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