EQAO Student Engagement Committee

Launched in 2018, the Student Engagement Committee is a group that helps foster a conversation between Ontario’s students and EQAO.

As EQAO seeks to improve our programs continuously, we want to ensure that students’ voices are being heard. The Student Engagement Committee is a unique forum for students to share ideas and experiences.

As representatives of the student voice, committee members join other students from across the province virtually to share insights and ideas about how EQAO can improve assessments and programs, and increase student engagement.

Student Engagement Committee Members, 2021–2022

Central Region

Photo of Ahastan

“As a returning member on the ESEC for these past two years, my experience on the committee has allowed me to engage in student affairs hosted by EQAO. I wish to be the voice of student stress by being an advocate for mental health for youth.”

—Ahastan, Grade 11
Photo of Asim

“I am excited to join the EQAO Student Engagement Committee because I have some good ideas on how to lower stress levels and make the testing less stressful for the students. This will make it easier for all kids doing EQAO assessments, especially in this challenging situation.”

—Asim, Grade 8
Photo of Karanjot

“As a member of the 2021–2022 EQAO Student Engagement Committee, I look forward to collaborating with EQAO and ensuring that assessments are accessible to all students so that everyone can succeed. I also hope that students who are visible minorities and students with special needs, like myself, will be well represented. I look forward to ensuring that their voices are heard and finding ways to help address any barriers they may be facing”

—Karanjot, Grade 12
Photo of Lauren

“I am excited to contribute to our province’s education system and to help improve education for all students. EQAO and education issues have always been interesting to me, so participating in this committee will help me learn more. Plus, I am excited to meet students from across Ontario and learn about their experiences. I cannot wait to further diversify my perspective on education and what it means to be a student.”

—Lauren, Grade 9
Photo of Subeg

“I am extremely excited to be a part of the committee because I am excited to become the voice for the students of Ontario and share my ideas about improving EQAO assessments. I will work toward eliminating the fear of EQAO assessments for students. This makes the assessment engaging for students; hence, they will complete the EQAO assessments with confidence.”

—Subeg, Grade 10
Photo of Swayam

“I am incredibly excited to be back on the committee! I plan to suggest ideas for how we can make students feel more at ease with the stresses that may arise when taking the EQAO assessments—something I am motivated to contribute to!”

—Swayam, Grade 10
Photo of Vandy

“As a returning member of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee, I am excited to continue my work alongside passionate student leaders from across the province. In particular, I hope to continue providing feedback and suggestions for how EQAO can improve accessibility whilst maintaining a high standard of testing. Additionally, I am eager to discuss and evaluate the impact of the new online assessment models on Ontario students. Overall, I look forward to amplifying student voice in Ontario.”

—Vandy, Grade 12

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East Region

Photo of Braeden

“I am happy to be part of this committee because my goal is to empower others and give back, and I hope to inspire others to get involved and make their voices heard. I strive to improve my learning every day, and I enjoy building new relationships and feeling accomplished.”

—Braeden, Grade 7
Photo of Chekube

“I’m thrilled to be on this committee because I want to be a part of the journey to help the many students across the province achieve their greatest level of success. This is a great opportunity to make a positive change in the education system to benefit students. I’m also excited to meet new people from across the province and find the similarities and differences in our high-school experiences.”

—Chekube, Grade 12
Photo of Diana

“I am looking forward to seeing everyone virtually again as well as meeting new people with possible similar interests, and, of course, helping EQAO improve its system!”

—Diana, Grade 10
Photo of Ève

“Education is meant for young people, and I believe that it should also be done by young people. I’ve had the chance to represent francophone students on the committee for three years, and I certainly intend to keep doing so. EQAO allows me to make my voice heard and drive positive change. It’s a great opportunity!”

—Ève, Grade 12
Photo of Kassandra

“I am excited to be on the EQAO committee, as it is an opportunity to contribute to my education and that of my fellow Ontarians. I look forward to bringing my ideas to the committee, and hearing from others, to improve EQAO’s programs so that they are both fair and rewarding for all.”

—Kassandra, Grade 12
Photo of Simon

“I’m thrilled to be part of the committee, to be involved in a positive way by bringing great ideas forward to support its efforts.”

—Simon, Grade 10

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North, Northeast Region

Photo of Jimmy

“I am happy to be part of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee. I love to help others, and I hope to contribute to the committee by sharing my ideas with others.”

—Jimmy, Grade 9
Photo of Myra

“I believe that education has the power to change the world, and I want to be a part of this change. I want to learn from these opportunities and represent my community in this committee.”

—Myra, Grade 10

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North, NorthWest Region

Photo of Alexis

“I am looking forward to being a part of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee because I want to give a voice to the students of Northwestern Ontario. I am passionate about education, and I want to be involved in improving the education in our rural communities. I’m interested in meeting like-minded students and hearing their perspectives and ideas. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn new skills and have new experiences.”

—Alexis, Grade 8
Photo of Marie
“I am excited to contribute a Northwestern Ontario voice to the committee. I hope to be a valuable voice for kids in rural areas, as our opportunities and experiences are different from those in bigger communities or cities.”
—Marie, Grade 11

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Toronto Region

Photo of Aran

“I am excited to join the EQAO Student Engagement Committee. Doing the EQAO assessments has taught me how to approach questions and answer questions in a timely manner. I really want to contribute to the EQAO committee and help EQAO to help students”

—Aran, Grade 12
Photos of Dara

“I’m interested in having a positive impact on the Ontario education system. I’m looking forward to being the voice of students and being on a platform where students can share their ideas and experiences that could better others.”

—Dara, Grade 9
Photo of Miley
“I desire to continue contributing as well as creating positive impacts on the education system.”
—Miley, Grade 8

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West Region

Photo of Aaliyah

“I’m very excited to be a part of the committee for my third year in a row. As a fellow student, I believe it is important to have a say in the education of students across the province, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this committee.”

—Aaliyah, Grade 11
Photo of Alaa

“I am excited to be a part of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee because it will help me grow in my experiences. I am also looking forward to this opportunity because I can help be a part of the change for students across Ontario. I look forward to contributing my honest opinions and experiences to help us all grow as a community.”

—Alaa, Grade 8
Photo of Alex

“I am looking forward to giving the committee information on what is required for students who are visually impaired or blind to access educational materials and EQAO materials. I would also like to contribute my opinions and ideas on supports that could assist students who are visually impaired or blind to be successful in their education”

—Alex, Grade 12
Photo of Alexandra

“As a third-year member of the Student Engagement Committee, I am looking forward to taking on a greater leadership role during my last year on the committee. We are living in an incredibly remarkable time, and as such, students in Ontario schools are facing unprecedented challenges and have many unique needs. I feel very motivated to address these challenges and needs as we return to in-person learning, and I look forward to supporting Ontario’s student body this coming year through the EQAO Student Engagement Committee.”

—Alexandra, Grade 12
Photo of Ava

“Education is very important to me, and I believe education is important for everyone. Therefore, I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences. I hope I will influence all students across the province to do their best in school.”

—Ava, Grade 8
Photo of Daniel

“I am excited to occupy a position of leadership. I greatly anticipate being able to ensure that student voices are heard and that student needs are met. Being a part of the committee will allow me to share my opinions and those of my peers with others in an impactful way, furthering the quality of our education.”

—Daniel, Grade 10
Photo unavailable

“Being a part of the Student Engagement Committee is an opportunity for me to share my voice and to really make some positive changes to our education. I hope my voice encourages and inspires other students to realize that they can have a say in their education.”

—Hafsa, Grade 10
Photo of Isabelle

“After being a member of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee for three years, I feel as though I have been heard. I promise to continue to use my voice on behalf of the students of Ontario, and I will do my best to ensure that every student feels as though they are heard and seen. I also look forward to connecting and collaborating with the other amazing members of this committee.”

—Isabelle, Grade 12
Photo of Jack

“The last two years have been a challenge for many Grades 9 and 10 students in that they have not experienced the true secondary experience or provincial assessments. I am looking forward to sharing the student perspective of what has worked and hasn’t worked in terms of student learning over the last two years, in order to improve the student experience and what large-scale assessments could be like for students in the future.”

—Jack, Grade 11
Photo of Juan David

“My goal in joining the EQAO Student Engagement Committee is to make the voice of the student heard to improve the EQAO assessments in a beneficial way.”

—Juan David, Grade 8
Photo of Kateri

“I am excited to be part of this committee so that I can share some of my experiences and make the experience for other students better. I want to share skills that I have developed and address problems and do something about them.”

—Kateri, Grade 12
Photo of Liam

“I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to represent my peers on this committee. I understand that this is a major transition period for EQAO, as it looks to digitalize and modernize its assessments. I want to make sure that this transition benefits teachers, parents and students. I look forward to being a leader on behalf of my peers, and I can’t wait to get started again!.”

—Liam, Grade 9
Photo of Lillian

“I have been a part of the committee for a few years, and I have contributed, listened and learned many things throughout that time. I am excited to further voice my opinions and to learn more and to hear others’ ideas. Lastly, I am very lucky to get this chance; this is still a great opportunity for experience and a way to voice my opinions.”

—Lillian, Grade 11
Photo of Logan

“I would like to develop my leadership skills so that I can have more opportunities in the future. I would like to meet other students from across Ontario and share my experiences as a bilingual student.”

—Logan, Grade 7, West Region
Photo of Ryan
“I am looking forward to making a difference in the testing process for the students in Ontario.”
—Ryan, Grade 7

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