EQAO Student Engagement Committee

EQAO Student Engagement Committee 2024-2025 – Call for Applications 

We are excited to announce the call for applications for the 2024–2025 EQAO Student Engagement Committee. This committee continues to be one of our key sources of student voice. It’s also an opportunity for interested students to have a positive impact on the agency’s activities and on Ontario’s education system.
Students are the focus of EQAO’s work, and we value learners’ perspectives on everything we do. Diverse student voices and experiences help EQAO to advance our goal of continuous improvement.
We invite all interested individuals to apply and encourage applications from people with disabilities; Indigenous, Black and racialized individuals; people from a diversity of ethnic and cultural origins and religions; and individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions. As an accessible agency, we offer accommodation as required, including during the recruitment process.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must be enrolled in Grades 7–12 in an Ontario school.

Application Form

Please complete the application form.

Submissions must be received by June 3, 2024, and selections will be announced by the end of June 2024.

We appreciate any support you can provide in sharing this opportunity with students.

Accommodations are available for students taking part in the application process.  

Student Engagement Committee Members, 2023–2024

Regions: Central | East | Northwest | Toronto | West

Central Region

“I am looking forward to being a part of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee. I have never done something like this before, so being a part of this committee is an exciting opportunity for me. I am eager to contribute to the committee’s work while collaborating with other students from across the province.”

—Andrea, Grade 9
“I am thrilled to be part of the committee because I love being involved in shaping our school experience. It is exciting to have the opportunity to share my ideas and contribute to making our education more engaging and enjoyable for everyone. I am particularly looking forward to collaborating with fellow committee members, exploring innovative strategies that will empower students, encouraging their active participation, and enhancing the educational experience for all.”
—Ayotunde, Grade 7
“I am extremely interested in serving on the Student Engagement Committee and helping provide my insight through feedback and advice so that EQAO can better understand students’ experiences and provide more value for this initiative. I can help make a difference and am committed to working hard toward the engaging teamwork it will take to complete this committee’s EQAO goals. I like to take a leadership role both in and outside of school and am always looking for opportunities to serve my community.”
—Elias, Grade 9
“I am excited to be part of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee. As a new member, I am looking forward to sharing my ideas and what I have experienced within the education system. I am also looking forward to helping the EQAO testing system and education system for the better as I believe we can have change in everything and make a brighter tomorrow for our future students of Canada.”
—Grasen, Grade 7
“I decided that I wanted to join this committee as I enjoyed the experience. The EQAO committee made me think of a topic that I did not really know. During the experience, I learned a lot more about the EQAO test and thought of ways to make the test more suitable for future participants of EQAO. I am excited to join back because I wanted to contribute more thoughtful ideas that can make the EQAO test easier for others. Overall, I am looking forward to the future meetings of this committee.”
—Jaydon, Grade 9
“I am excited to be a returning member of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee to meet more talented individuals and view the different viewpoints, expanding how I think about and see our education system. I hope to continue helping and providing ideas to enhance the EQAO tests and experiences. I hope to continue contributing my thoughts and opinions, bringing more diversity and variety.”
—Jessica, Grade 9
“I am excited to return to the committee to represent my peers at the provincial level. Student opinion and voice is incredibly important to create safe and welcoming learning environments for students across the province. Through the committee I can connect with EQAO and fellow students from across the province to develop ideas and solutions that will make our schools better for students. It is an honour to be able to advocate for my peers on this level and I hope to make our voices heard.”
—Lauren, Grade 11
“I am so excited to be part of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee and to represent students. I want to help fix any issues students face during EQAO assessments and make the process as stress-free as possible. I also am thrilled to have the chance to work with so many students across Ontario and to see their perspectives. I hope students in the future will not have to stress during EQAO assessments and will have their voices heard in issues that directly involve them.”
—Shiara, Grade 7

“I am excited to be a part of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee to give my feedback and improve the testing throughout Ontario. I want everyone to have as good an experience with EQAO testing as possible. I also look forward to connecting with other students.”

—Sophia, Grade 8
“I am delighted to be a part of the committee because this is a terrific opportunity to meet other students and learn about their educational experiences. My goal is to make a positive impact on student education outcomes in Ontario. I look forward to sharing my ideas and opinions with others while honing my communication and problem-solving skills.”
—Surya, Grade 7

East Region

“I am thrilled to be a part of the committee again as an ESEC member because it presents an exciting chance to amplify the voices and perspectives of my peers. Contributing to the committee’s efforts in implementing constructive changes that reflect the collective interests and needs of our diverse student body brings me great joy, as I am committed to fostering a supportive atmosphere where everyone’s voices and perspectives are valued and heard. I believe we can establish a more inclusive and representative community by actively listening and involving others in the decision-making process!”
—Hafsa, Grade 12

“Overall, I am excited to be part of this committee. In and out of school, I really enjoy making a positive difference in my community. I look forward to contributing my ideas and hopefully making this stressful time for many students a little more enjoyable and easier to navigate. I look forward to contributing my ambitions and perspective to the many members on this committee across Ontario.”

—Lena, Grade 12
“I am excited to join the EQAO Student Engagement Committee! I want to represent my peers and be part of a diverse community. I am looking forward to meeting new people, sharing experiences and making a change.”
—Rory, Grade 7
“I am excited to be a part of this committee so I can learn something from others. Another reason I would like to be a part is so I can help others that need help.”
—Neeral, Grade 8
“I am looking forward to continuing my involvement with this committee in my final year at secondary school, so that I can have some great experiences with fellow members that I will never forget. I also really enjoy the opportunity to meet other students, share my point of view and bring new ideas to the table.”
—Simon, Grade 12

NorthWest Region

“I am excited to join this committee because I think it’s important for kids and students to have a voice. It’s a new experience for me and a chance to meet new people.”
—Dani, Grade 7
“I am excited to be on this EQAO committee to learn new things and meet new people. Representing students from my small Northern Ontario school is important to me. I hope I can make a difference for other students who take the EQAO assessments.”
—Fancy, Grade 8
“I am very excited to be part of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee because I get to share my ideas and suggestions to be able to help other kids my age, younger and older with their education.”
—Katie, Grade 7
“I am excited to participate in this committee so I can represent students from Northern Ontario. I am looking forward to learning from other students. I hope to gain student leadership skills this year.”
—London, Grade 7

“I am super happy to be a part of the committee because I am excited to have the opportunity to help in changing the EQAO system to make it more enjoyable for others. Also, I am incredibly grateful to get to share the opinions and suggestions from my fellow students and friends. They are constantly telling me what they think of it, and now I can put forth that information to better EQAO. Overall, I am ready to take on the challenge of making EQAO even better.”

—Sophia, Grade 11

Toronto Region

“I am thrilled to be a part of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee. It is an amazing opportunity for me to make a positive impact on my education and the education of other students. I am excited to share my ideas with my peers and hear their thoughts on EQAO assessments.”
—Aisha, Grade 10
“I am excited to be part of the committee to help improve students’ experience in the province. I hope to make a difference to improve the school system for all students in Ontario.”
—Hadsan, Grade 10
“I am very excited by the prospect of working with a group of young people dedicated to a common goal. Collaborating with like-minded peers, exchanging views, and working collectively to have a positive impact on our education is something I really enjoy. I believe in the power of diverse perspectives and open discussion, and look forward to contributing to conversations that foster progress and continuous improvement.”
—Malika, Grade 11
“I am extremely excited about joining the committee because I am ready to advocate on behalf of my classmates to improve EQAO assessments across Ontario. My excitement stems from the opportunity to share my first-hand experiences with EQAO while actively collaborating with other students on the committee. My goal is to actively contribute to discussions surrounding EQAO’s programs and activities, to encourage student engagement and to promote new and innovative ideas that can lead to positive change.”
—Marieve, Grade 12
“As a returning member of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee, I am incredibly excited about the incredible opportunity to contribute to the continuous improvement of Ontario’s education system. I am excited to collaborate with students from different regions and backgrounds, hear their perspectives, and work together to improve the EQAO tests and create a better experience for all students.”
—Miley, Grade 10
“I am looking forward to contributing to the committee to continue my ongoing journey of leadership and positive change. With the help of the committee, I will be able to acquire more experience and create substantial change in my school, in my community and hopefully across Ontario. I look forward to connecting with other well-minded individuals across Ontario that are just as excited as I am to spark a change and shape our future.”
—Nitura, Grade 8

West Region

“I am incredibly pleased to take part in this committee, and this is because I am seeking a new adventure. EQAO is a topic that I am interested in learning more about, and I am thrilled to voice my opinions on it, and hopefully make a change! I hope that with my and the committee’s guidance, we can establish a difference in making EQAO a space where students can feel more confident. Putting a smile on people’s faces is something I strive for, and I wish to do this throughout my time here!”
—Alexandra, Grade 9
“I am incredibly excited to be a part of this amazing committee. Being a part of the EQAO committee allows me to contribute my experiences, ideas, and perspectives to promote the student voice and enhance the educational landscape for all students in Ontario.”
—Anna, Grade 11
“I am elated to join the EQAO Student Engagement Committee for the first time this school year. I look forward to hearing everyone’s perspectives and collaborating on matters surrounding EQAO assessments. I am grateful for this experience to broaden my world view and to contribute to enhancing an effective educational experience for students all over Ontario!”
—Fatima, Grade 11
“I am excited to continue on the committee because it provides a valuable opportunity to collaborate, contribute, and make a meaningful impact on the students in Ontario. I hope to meet new people and make my voice and ideas heard.”
—Juan, Grade 10
“I am thrilled to return to the EQAO Student Engagement Committee. The committee has done excellent work in modernizing the EQAO assessments and making them more accessible for all students in the province. I look forward to working with other students with diverse perspectives to represent our fellow students across the province.”
—Liam, Grade 11

“I am thrilled to join this committee because it gives me a platform to share my opinion and to meet other talented students. I also am excited to learn from this experience and to know what other kids think about the schooling system.”

— Myra, Grade 7
“I am excited and sincerely grateful to be a member of the EQAO Student Engagement Committee again this year. I have truly enjoyed getting to know students across Ontario thus far and I am looking forward to collaborating with our committee members once again. I believe that our committee can do great things. It is my hope that we will continue to foster a positive and inclusive EQAO experience for all students across Ontario.”
—Sienna, Grade 8
“My whole life, I have been striving to do my best academically, which is one of the reasons why I am so excited to be a part of this committee. I feel that having taken the EQAO tests twice in the past, I will be able to help better them for the future. I want to help with many things through this program but most of all, I want to help the students taking these evaluations.”
—Sydney, Grade 8
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