Troubleshooting Tips for Scorers, Committee Members and Other Users

  1. You are experiencing login issues while trying to access your EQAO profile.
    Try clearing your browser’s cache, and then try to log in again. (Clearing your cache forces your browser to retrieve the latest copy available from a Web site—something that should happen automatically but sometimes does not. Clearing your cache is easy to do in all of the popular browsers in use today.)
  2. The name in your EQAO profile does not match the name in your Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) profile.
    The name in your EQAO profile must match the name used in your profile on the OCT Web site. As EQAO’s database is linked with OCT’s, a non-matching name will create communication errors between the two sites. You can try adding your middle name to either the first-name field or the last-name field one at a time to see if this helps to rectify the error. Otherwise, please take action to ensure that your name is the same in both profiles.
  3. You would like to add EQAO e-mail addresses to your “safe senders” list.
    When you receive an EQAO e-mail scoring invitation, please take a moment to add the corresponding e-mail address to your “safe senders” list.You can also add the following e-mail addresses to your “safe senders” list to avoid having e-mail scoring invitations end up in a spam or junk folder. It’s always a good idea to check your spam or junk folders periodically and to check your EQAO profile regularly to see if you have received any scoring invitations.EQAO e-mail addresses for your “safe senders” list:
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