Range-Finding Committee Member

Location: Online (remote work)

There is a Range-Finding Committee for each EQAO assessment program (the Assessments of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, Primary Division [Grades 1–3] and Junior Division [Grades 4–6]; the Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics; and the OSSLT) in both English and French.

​​​Each committee has a designated number of members. Members meet one to three times a year (for a maximum number of consecutive days specific to each grade) to select student responses to EQAO assessment items, using generic and item-specific assessment rubrics. The committees recommend which student responses should be used during the scoring session as anchors, for training and calibration papers, qualifying sets and validity.

Role of Members

  • Use expertise in scoring with rubrics to assign the appropriate generic rubric and/or item-specific rubric codes for a set of student responses for each assessment item.
  • ​​​Share the individually assigned codes with other members of the committee.
  • ​​​​​Work collaboratively with other members of the committee, under the guidance of EQAO education officers (Assessment and Content), to reach consensus on the appropriate code for each student response used to train scorers.

Professional Qualifications (for All Assessments)

  • Knowledge about and experience with large-scale assessments (e.g., previous work with EQAO).
  • Skills using computer word-processing programs and/or mathematics software.
  • Ability to explain clearly and concisely why a student response is at a particular level of a rubric.
  • Knowledge of and expertise and experience in the application of rubrics.
  • Knowledge of and experience with literacy across The Ontario Curriculum.

Additional Information and Requirements

Interested candidates must indicate their participation preferences and submit a résumé (including references and a cover letter).

Selection of candidates will be guided by the need for balanced reflection of the following:

  • all parts of the province (nor​th, south, east, west, rural and urban)
  • teachers, administrators, subject experts and consultants
  • expertise in assessment and evaluation and large-scale assessments
  • ​previous experience working with EQAO or other large-scale assessment programs

If you are not selected, EQAO will ensure that your profile remains active for future consideration throughout the year.

To be considered for a committee member position, applicants must

  1. have an EQAO profile (current job opportunities that match your profile can be accessed by logging in to your profile).
  2. have secure access to the Internet.
  3. have a device that meets the requirements in the Browser Compatibility document.

Participation in EQAO Activities—Terms, Conditions and Notice of Collection of Personal Information: 

By accepting a position, you agree that you have read, understood and will comply with the Terms, Conditions and Notice of Collection of Personal Information.
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