A message from EQAO’s Board of Directors: Education Week, 2020

TORONTO, May 4, 2020

Hello, everyone:

Every year at the beginning of May, Ontarians take the opportunity to celebrate education. Education Week 2020, happening from May 4 until May 8, is a time to recognize the fantastic work educators do on a regular basis across the province, as well as their commitment to student learning. While exceptional circumstances may hinder our celebrations in person this year, we know that learning happens inside and outside the classroom.

Education enlightens individuals and sends them on a path of possibilities and connection with the world. That journey starts with parents, guardians, teachers and other educators who dedicate their time and energy to fostering student achievement and sharing their knowledge.

On behalf of EQAO, I want to thank educators for reminding us that we are lifelong students and that we are forever learning.


Dr. Cameron Montgomery
Chair, EQAO Board of Directors

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