Payment Guidelines for Online Scorers (Remote/Online Scoring)


  1. These payment guidelines apply to non–Ontario Public Service employees involved in online scoring activities.


  1. Online scorers will receive a one-time payment of $50 per completed training module per question. Participants must complete the training session, practice test and qualifying test to receive payment for the training module. Payment for incomplete training modules will not be made under any circumstance. Subsequent training for the same question will not be eligible for additional payment.
  2. Online scorers will receive $30 per completed batch of scored student answers to a question. A batch is a predefined number of student responses to a test question, which is expected to take an average of one hour to score. Payment for a partially scored batch will be pro-rated according to the percentage completed.
  3. Online scorers who meet or exceed the cumulative validity incentive threshold‎ at the end of the scoring activity will receive an additional $5 per completed batch. Payment for a partially completed batch will be pro-rated according to the percentage completed.
  4. Supervisors and leaders will not be able to provide feedback regarding incentives or payment.
  5. All payment calculations, including incentives, will be made at the end of the scoring activity.
  6. All earned amounts are subject to applicable taxes according to Canada Revenue Agency rules. Taxes will be deducted at source.
  7. All earned amounts include vacation pay.
  8. Online scorers will be paid within 30 business days of the end of the entire scoring activity.


  1. There will be no expense reimbursements, including for Internet or Internet overage charges, equipment rentals or any other expense.
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