Accountability Outcomes

For Taxpayers:

  • Increase, through a base of clear and reliable information, public ability to make judgments about the quality of education available across Ontario
  • Report on the success of our students measured against accepted, understandable standards in order to evaluate and improve learning
  • Ability to analyze student achievement in Ontario in relation to national and international standards
  • Improve public understanding of the ways in which students’ knowledge and skills are assessed
  • Report to the general public on the state of Ontario’s schools, with data on achievement, and the contextual factors that influence student learning

For Students:

  • Provide students with clear and timely information on their progress
  • Reinforce student successes and identify areas where attention is needed
  • Provide information and direction which give students insight to plan for their future
  • Demonstrate to students that the knowledge and skills required of them are consistent across the province
  • Strengthen students’ involvement in continuous learning and improvement

For Parents:

  • Make parents increasingly aware of content taught and standards expected in our schools
  • Create opportunities for timely intervention to support student improvement
  • Clarify expectations for students’ academic performance at key ages and stages through which parents can evaluate their children’s progress
  • Give parents information they can use when talking to teachers about their children’s progress

For Teachers

  • Help teachers to ascertain students’ knowledge and skills, so they may intervene appropriately to foster improvement
  • Recognize the importance of the teacher’s daily observations and records in both good teaching and good classroom assessment
  • Model and publicize excellent assessment practices which can serve as examples for daily classroom evaluation and help teachers improve their assessment skills
  • Provide common language and examples of student achievement to ensure straightforward reporting
  • Address public criticism of the education system by providing teachers with clear and credible data on student achievement and strategies for improvement.
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