Secure EQAO Reports and Data Files for Use by Ontario School Board and School Employees

EQAO provides you with access to reports about your students’ achievement results and questionnaire data, as well as resources designed to assist you in your data-informed journey to support student learning.

As we collectively seek to provide an equitable and inclusive learning environment for all students, EQAO’s data, alongside data from other sources, can be valuable tools to help you better understand your students’ demonstration of curriculum expectations. EQAO results are intended to be one of many measures to support collaborative professional inquiry in schools and school boards.

These reports have been created in collaboration with school principals from across the province.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Only permitted users in Ontario school boards or schools may access and use the reports and data files related to EQAO assessment results in the B2B system.

By clicking “Login,” you acknowledge the following:
  • Authentication:
    • Access to the system is role-based.
    • Only the following school-board-authorized roles can access the system:
      • Schools: principals and school administrators; authorized educators; information technology school contacts.
      • School boards: information technology board contacts; directors of education or superintendents.
    • EQAO-authorized roles encompass the following: EQAO staff with authorized roles and Ministry of Education staff with authorized roles, including members of the Education Analytics Branch.
  • Permitted users must abide by Section 1 of EQAO Accounts Management Policy.

Quick Tips for Login

  • Use your school board e-mail address and password to log in.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) may be prompted for enhanced security.
For additional support, refer to the resources listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting Tips:

Here are some frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips for EQAO’s data reporting tool.
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