EQAO Publishes 2017–2018 Results for Each School and School Board in Ontario

Schools’ large-scale assessment results can be used in conjunction with other school and classroom information to identify strengths, highlight areas of growth and support student achievement

September 19, 2018


Today the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) published the school- and board-level results of the assessments administered during the 2017–2018 school year.

These results offer insights into whether students across the province are meeting The Ontario Curriculum expectations in reading, writing and math at key stages of their education.

EQAO results are one source of data that can be used to improve every student’s opportunity to succeed in school and beyond. EQAO recommends analyzing its assessment results in conjunction with school and board information (e.g., report cards, results from classroom assessments, demographic data, instructional practices, educators’ professional development, parental involvement in student learning, school infrastructure) to gain a full picture of learning trends and to better understand factors that influence success.

Assessment results for each school are available on EQAO’s Web site to meet the agency’s mandate of contributing to the accountability of Ontario’s education system. These data should be examined alongside other measures to assess the education system’s strengths and determine the next steps for schools, school boards and the province.


  • EQAO’s reports provide achievement results, demographic information and Student Questionnaire responses from the
    • primary- and junior-division Assessments of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, written by students in Grades 3 and 6;
    • Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics and
    • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.
  • All EQAO assessments are developed by Ontario educators to ensure alignment with The Ontario Curriculum. Educators also support the administration and scoring of EQAO assessments.
  • EQAO is an arm’s-length agency of the Government of Ontario that contributes to the accountability, equity and continuous improvement of the province’s publicly funded education system.


Photo of Dave Cooke

“The aim of EQAO data is to contribute to continuous improvement and accountability in our education system. Reading, writing and math skills enable success in school and in life, and our assessments help us understand how classrooms are preparing students in these areas. School trustees are ultimately responsible for student achievement, and EQAO results are one of the tools they can use to inform improvement planning.”

— Dave Cooke, Chair, EQAO
Photo of Norah Marsh

“Every child in Ontario, regardless of background or circumstance, should have a sense of belonging, the opportunity to excel in school and supports to close opportunity gaps. EQAO data empower educators to plan strategic interventions that can support student learning and greater equity in outcomes. Our assessment results measure one aspect of school effectiveness, namely academic achievement in literacy and math, and should be used with other information to build a full picture of trends in student learning.”

— Norah Marsh, Chief Executive Officer, EQAO


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