EQAO Student Advisory Committee

Launched in 2018, the Student Advisory Committee is a new group that helps foster a two-way conversation between Ontario’s students and EQAO. Students are the focus of EQAO’s work, and we value learners’ perspectives on everything that we do. As EQAO seeks to continuously improve its programs, we want to ensure that students’ voices are being heard. The Student Advisory Committee is a unique forum for students to share ideas and experiences.

Each spring, EQAO will seek applications from students who are interested in becoming members of the Student Advisory Committee for the following school year.

What is the role of Student Advisory Committee members?

As representatives of the student voice, committee members join other students from across the province to share insights and ideas about how EQAO can improve assessments and programs, and increase student engagement.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students can apply for this opportunity if they’re a student in a publicly funded school in Ontario who

  • will be between Grades 7 and 12 during the next school year and
  • has participated in at least one EQAO assessment.

How does EQAO select committee members?

EQAO celebrates student diversity across the province, and our approach to open dialogue welcomes all viewpoints. When selecting committee members, we ensure a diverse representation of students’ experiences and perspectives. We also look for students who demonstrate a passion for effecting change in their communities and who have a desire to make a difference—either through their actions or through their ideas.

How often does the committee meet?

The Student Advisory Committee meets virtually three times during the school year. Members are required to complete small tasks between meetings. If travel is required, any expenses incurred in relation to students’ and chaperones’ travel and accommodations are reimbursed by EQAO, in accordance with Government of Ontario directives.

How long are committee members’ terms?

Committee members’ terms are one school year.

How many students are on the committee?

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