Winter 2008
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Marguerite Jackson

By Marguerite Jackson, Chief Executive Officer
This issue provides you with an overview and highlights of EQAO’s second provincial conference: “Large-Scale Assessment: Supporting the Everyday Work of Schools: From Knowledge to Action.”

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 Opening Keynote Address 

Improving Schools in a Data-Rich World

Steven Katz, Director, Aporia Consulting Ltd.
Dr. Katz speaks about the shift to informed professional judgment as the next wave of “evidence use” that needs to take hold in schools across the province.

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 Coffee Break 

Noah benShea

Interview with Noah benShea, Toronto-born

“Of all the things you make in life, remember, you make a difference,” says Noah benShea addressing Ontario educators.

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 View from the Front of the Class 

Preparing for the OSSLT

Principal Eileen Clinton and her school team share the strategies that made all the difference at Our Lady of Lourdes in Guelph.

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 The Key to Good Assessments 

Dr. Barbara Plake

Developing classroom tests for improved student performance

Dr. Barbara Plake, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
In order for classroom assessments to be a sound source of information on student learning and bring about substantial student performance gains, classroom tests need to possess certain indispensable features.

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Celebrating the success of an Ontario school

Roden Public School in Toronto’s inner city is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic junior school serving 311 students from families who speak a total of 17 different languages.

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 Data in Action 

David Thomas

Using Data to Inform, Improve and Inspire

David Thomas, Director of Education, Upper Canada District School Board
“Sometimes we tend to look at data and instead of saying, ‘What can we learn from this?’ we panic. Panic makes for poor decision making.”

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 How Would You Score This? 

Try your hand at scoring a student response!

Take a look at this reading item and student response from the Primary Division Assessment. How would you score it? The rubric, correct score and rationale are provided.

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