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In the Know with EQAO

Task Force Attacks Low Student Math Achievement Head On

Article by Bruce Rodrigues, Chief Executive Officer, EQAO

The work of this task force in the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board demonstrates the appropriate and inspired use of EQAO data for system improvement. These are the kinds of efforts that will improve student achievement in the long run.

Posted 02.27.15

Evaluating School Effectiveness: An Important Discussion That Should be Had ... Properly

Article by Bruce Rodrigues, Chief Executive Officer, EQAO

When evaluating school effectiveness, it is important to examine the relevant and credible evidence from all sources, not just one or two.

Posted 01.31.14

Kids, grab a good book. Reading still matters.

Article by Bruce Rodrigues, Chief Executive Officer, EQAO

A key observation gained from examining student responses on provincial tests is that many students struggle with the skill of making relevant and specific connections between what they read and their own ideas.

Posted 09.09.13

Public Attitudes Toward Provincial Testing–And the survey says…

Article by Chief Executive Officer, Marguerite Jackson

A new independent survey by the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) has been released and it reports continued and widespread support for EQAO’s province-wide testing program. Large majorities of the general public and of parents favour the provincial assessment of all students, the survey finds. This high level of support has been sustained for many years.

Posted 09.10.12

A Practical Recipe for Math Success

Students do better on the EQAO Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics when they know the test will affect their final course mark.

Article by Chief Executive Officer, Marguerite Jackson

In many cases, mathematics teachers can help more students do better on the Education Quality and Accountability Office’s (EQAO’s) Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics by delivering a simple non-math message: this test counts toward your final mark.

Posted 05.31.12

Reading into Reading Enjoyment

Article by Chief Executive Officer, Marguerite Jackson

EQAO survey data have informed discussions about the levels of reading enjoyment among Ontario students. In these discussions, some have suggested that the focus on literacy in schools might be negatively affecting students’ enjoyment of reading. A closer look at EQAO data provides a different perspective and insights that can help educators and parents foster reading enjoyment in our children and youth.

Posted 02.14.12

Student Testing: Why Ontario’s on the Right Track

Brian L. Desbiens, Chair of EQAO’s Board of Directors, responds to Toronto Star columnist, Rick Salutin’s article on large-scale testing.

Posted 04.12.11

Ontario Students Among the World’s Best Readers—But What About Science and Math?

Article by Chief Executive Officer, Marguerite Jackson

The results of the 2009 administration of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)—which assessed 15-year-old students in reading, math and science—were released on December 7 and show that Ontario students are among the best in the world in reading. The PISA results also challenge us, however, to look more closely at other areas of student learning.

Posted 12.13.10

The Unnecessary Lag in Boys’ Achievement

Article by Chief Executive Officer, Marguerite Jackson

The urgency of the need to attend to boys’ academic achievement, right from the earliest years, has never been more apparent. In this article, EQAO helps to inform discussions about gender and literacy and numeracy.

Posted 11.26.10


EQAO in the News: Push to meet provincial standards must be sustained: EQAO makes local improvement possible

Article by Chief Executive Officer, Bruce Rodrigues

This article appeared in the Windsor Star on May 20, 2014

Large-Scale Assessment: Supporting the Everyday Work of Schools

Article by Chief Executive Officer, Marguerite Jackson

As partners in Ontario’s public education system, we share the mutual challenges of finding effective strategies to support improved student learning. It is in all of our interests that students maximize their potential and become active, productive contributors to society.

Posted 01.17.07

EQAO Technical Reports

These reports outline the technical features and professional expertise that were used to ensure the accuracy, validity and psychometric integrity of the EQAO assessments. A full report and an executive summary are prepared each year.

View Reports


EQAO: Ontario’s Provincial Assessment Program—Its History and Influence
This report provides an overview of the work of the agency, its evolution over the last 16 years and its influence on public education in Ontario.

Posted 06.27.13

The Power of Ontario’s Provincial Testing Program
This document describes how EQAO’s provincial tests, which gather information from every student at key stages of their education, contribute to public accountability and to the continuous improvement on the part of every student in Ontario’s publicly funded education system

Posted 02.29.12

Ensuring Quality Assessments The Move Forward
In November 2002, the Board of Directors of EQAO launched the Ensuring Quality Assessments review to ensure the quality of assessments in Ontario.

Posted 09.23.04 pdf 504K

Backgrounder: Ensuring Quality Assessments: Building on Strengths; Refining the Program
Since it was established in 1996, the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) has been designing, conducting and reporting on curriculum-based assessments for students in publicly funded Ontario schools.

Posted 09.23.04 pdf 27K

Bulletin: Ensuring Quality Assessments: Building on Strengths; Refining the Program
“ We believe that EQAO has created world-class educational assessment programs. Our analysis and critique is aimed at identifying the strengths of the assessments and pointing out areas where clarification of purposes and constructs, improvement of systems and methodologies, and incorporation of new analysis and reporting technology could enhance EQAO’s work, which has become a vital part of Ontario education.”
– from the Final Report of the External Evaluation of EQAO’s Assessment Processes by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

Posted 09.23.04 pdf 475K

EQAO Annual Reports

EQAO’s annual reports provide the government, the education community, parents and the public with information about the agency’s activities and accomplishments throughout the preceding year, as well as its financial performance. EQAO’s annual reports are published on its Web site once they have been tabled in the Ontario Legislature.

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