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Improvement Planning

Questions and Answers

  • What is the purpose of school and board improvement plans?

    Improvement plans document the means by which teachers, principals and senior board staff document how they will change conditions for students to promote improved achievement.
  • Will school boards be required to submit improvement plans for Grades 9 and 10 as well?

    Yes. Board plans should incorporate strategies to improve student achievement at both the elementary and secondary levels. Plans should consider data from EQAO assessments in Grades 3, 6 and 9 and include strategies for improvement in each. Plans should also incorporate literacy activities and improvement strategies in preparation for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.
  • How does a board improvement plan relate to a school improvement plan?

    Each school board must develop and release a board-wide plan for fostering and supporting improved achievement. Using the board-wide plan as a foundation, principals and teachers, working with parents, school councils and other representatives of the community, prepare and release an Improvement Plan for their school.
  • Who is responsible for developing the board and school plans?

    Principals, teachers, parents and school councils share the responsibility of developing and monitoring school plans. The director of education assigns staff, as appropriate in the jurisdiction, to work with school and community representatives to develop the board plan and monitor its implementation.
  • What role do parents play?

    EQAO urges schools to inform school councils fully about the assessment results and encourage parents to play an active role in reviewing and updating the school's Improvement Plan.
  • What role do the provincial test results play in developing these plans?

    Plans are created with local and provincial test results and contextual information in mind. In the Ontario Provincial Report on Achievement and in the Guide to School and Board Improvement Planning, EQAO provides advice to boards on how results can be incorporated into successful improvement plans.
  • What should boards include in their improvement plan?

    Improvement plans should include short- and long-term improvement strategies, how and when changes will be made, who is responsible for implementation, the criteria by which progress will be monitored and evaluated, and how progress will be reported to parents and to the public. The Guide to School and Board Improvement Planning will provide more details on what to include in the plan.
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