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Job Description

Job Title:Range-Finding Committee Member
Assessment:Primary and Junior Divisions
Term:2 day session
Location:Toronto Congress Centre
To Apply:Please see link below.

There is a Range-Finding Committee for each EQAO assessment program (the Assessments of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, Primary Division [Grades 1–3] and Junior Division [Grades 4–6]; the Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics; and the OSSLT) in both English and French.

Each committee has 6 to 9 members who serve for terms of one to three years, up to a maximum of five years. Members meet one to three times a year (for a maximum of two consecutive days per meeting) to select student responses to EQAO assessment items using generic and item-specific assessment rubrics. The committees recommend which student responses should be used during the scoring session as anchors and for training and calibration papers and qualifying sets.

The Range-Finding Process

  • engages subject experts from the Ontario education system in preparing a high-quality set of scoring tools and training materials for scorers to ensure the accurate, reliable and consistent scoring of the open-response items on EQAO assessments;
  • selects representative samples of student responses to define and illustrate the range of performances within the codes of the scoring rubric(s) and
  • provides expert consensus coding of student responses used to train scorers of open-response items.

Role of Members

Members will:

  • use expertise in scoring with rubrics to assign the appropriate generic rubric and/or item-specific rubric codes for a set of student responses for each assessment item;
  • share the individually assigned codes with other members of the committee and
  • work collaboratively with other members of the committee under the guidance of EQAO education officers (Assessment and Content) to reach consensus on the appropriate code for each student response used to train scorers.


Successful applicants will be:

  • knowledgeable about and experienced with the elementary school curriculum in Ontario;
  • recognized leaders with expert curriculum knowledge and recent classroom experience in mathematics education;
  • knowledgeable about and/or experienced with large-scale assessments (e.g., previous work with EQAO) and
  • able to demonstrate a track record of working collaboratively with others.

Specific Qualities

Successful applicants will possess:

  • expertise and experience in the application of rubrics based on the achievement charts in The Ontario Curriculum to identify varying levels of student performance in mathematics;
  • the ability to explain clearly and concisely why a student response is at a particular level of a rubric and
  • experience with curricula in the grades being assessed:
    – Grade 3 assessment: mathematics in the Primary Division (Grades 1 to 3)
    – Grade 6 assessment: mathematics in the Junior Division (Grades 4 to 6)

Additional Information and Requirements

Applicants must include a résumé (including references).

Selection of candidates will be guided by the need for balanced reflection of the following:

  • all parts of the province (north, south, east, west, rural and urban)
  • teachers, administrators, subject experts and consultants with current elementary school experience
  • expertise in assessment and evaluation and large-scale assessments
  • previous experience working with EQAO or other large-scale assessment programs

EQAO follows internationally accepted standards for large-scale assessment that differ in some ways from the practices and procedures for classroom assessment.

Participation in EQAO ActivitiesTerms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

EQAO is an independent agency of the Ontario government with a mandate to ensure greater quality and accountability in the publicly funded school system in Ontario. EQAO provides accurate and objective information about student achievement and the quality of publicly funded education in Ontario.

EQAO collects personal information to fulfill its statutory objectives as described in the Education Quality and Accountability Office Act, Section 3. The collection of personal information and the protection of this information are specified in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Please ensure that the personal information you submit in this application is current, correct and complete. It will be kept secure and used by EQAO to verify your qualifications. By submitting an application, you give EQAO permission to contact the Ontario College of Teachers, your district school board or another past or present employer for the sole purpose of verifying the information submitted. EQAO reserves the right to disqualify an application, terminate any agreement and/or pursue legal action, without notice, if any information is found to be inaccurate.

Candidates selected to participate will be required to accept the Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (provided below) during the confirmation process and will receive a hard copy at the activity for their records.

Candidates selected to participate will be required to complete the E-banking Consent Form, as all payments will be electronically delivered to their financial institution by direct deposit with remittance details sent by e-mail or mail. To ensure all payments and remittances are timely and accurate, we require banking information on the first day of the activity (please note that cheques will not be issued).

By applying for a position, you agree that you have read, understood and will comply with the aforementioned terms, conditions, privacy protocols and agreement.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement
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