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Education Quality Indicators Framework

Program Overview

Student achievement results are important indicators of educational quality. However, achievement results can be interpreted meaningfully only in the context of the system that produced them.

Understanding and evaluating the quality of education requires a comprehensive picture of the unique and complex characters of schools, boards and the province, and the ways in which environmental factors both inside and outside the school community may affect student achievement.

The Education Quality Indicators Framework is designed to place student achievement in perspective by providing demographic and other key environmental information that can be used to interpret achievement scores in the context of the school, board and province.

EQAO regularly collects and maintains framework data and reports this information to the public, parents, teachers and decision-makers at the school, board and provincial levels as a part of its annual reporting process.

Further information on the Education Quality Indicators Framework can be found in the EQAO publication Completing the picture: The Education Quality Indicators Framework.

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